About us

What is Tokyo Studio

Tokyo Studio is a team of 5 people, who focus on delivering the best quality of video production.

Piotrek - Responsible for DOP (camera) work, editing, 2D & 3D graphics, photography, lighting, video postproduction, animation, special effects (VFX), color grading.

Karolina - Responsible for creative concept, screenplay, editing. Member of Omona dance group.

Daniel - Responsible for ideas, production logistics, set design, lighting, editing. Member of VIBE dance group.

Alicja - Responsible for transportation, logistics, set design. Member of VIBE dance group.

Giang - Responsible for behind the scenes footage, production assistance.


Tokyo Studio was founded in July 2016 by Piotrek, also called "Tokyo" by his friends (hence the name:). First was the Facebook fanpage, which main point was to enable people easy access to various convention photos and let them tag the photographer.

Piotrek's activity has quickly evolved into other services, which he had years of experience before, like filmmaking, animation and VFX, to name a few. One of his dreams was to make music videos to his favorite songs, which he started doing by shooting dance cover videos with his friends from conventions. First was the Japanese Vocaloids, and from there it spreaded to the neighbouring Korea's music. Along with the K-pop gaining popularity in Poland, Piotrek had a lot more gigs to shoot, hence he decided it's time to create a team.

In November 2017, Tokyo Studio became a team of 4 people, who felt the need of bringing dance cover industry in our country to the next level. Daniel, Karolina and Alicja joined Piotrek in this endeavour. In 2018 Giang joined the team for good.

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